In 2015 Unilever Indonesia, through partnership between Unilever Indonesia Foundation and seven local partners, continue its endeavor to inspire every Indonesian students to having better health and well-being through the School Health program.

The program targets primary school students and provides an integrated education on health, hygiene and nutrition. Selected students are empowered to function as health champion. At the primary school level, they are called little doctor. The little doctors are playing an important role as peer educators enhancing the practices during the school hour.

The Unilever Indonesia School Health Program strengthen students’ knowledge on health hygiene and enforce the health hygiene practices such as hand washing with soap, tooth brushing day and night, toilet hygiene, safe drinking water, nutritious breakfast, and waste management at school. Around 1.6 million primary school students were being educated with integrated health hygiene education.

To support the program goals, Unilever Indonesia developed education material that fit with the need to develop student’s awareness on personal hygiene and create awareness to the relevant brand as to help their effort to reach personal hygiene.

At the local level, Unilever Indonesia, with the support from Lifebuoy, helped improve and develop water and sanitation facilities at the Bitobe Village, Kupang-East Nusa Tenggara. This support has made the handwashing with soap campaign became more effective at the school and village. Furthermore, students and the community has gained an easier access towards clean water, making the community healthy hygiene behavior improved.

In October 2015, Unilever Indonesia together with its seven local partners and in collaboration with Lifebuoy celebrated the Global Hand Washing Day (15 October), where around 20,000 primary school students and their parents were involved in the road show celebration from mid-October to mid-November that took place in 14 cities across the 16 provinces.

The Global Handwashing Day is part of the School Health Program enrichment. At the Day, all program stakeholder took part in the celebration; from government representatives to school students. This mechanism aimed to acknowledge all parties’ contribution thus build better engagement between parties for the Program’s success in the upcoming years. (*)

(1) Children learn the proper handwashing technique (West Sumatra) – HeartIndo
(2) GHD was celebrated with fanfare (West Sumatra) – Heartindo
(3) Pledge to handwash (North Sumatra) – Heartindo
(4) Handwashing dance to encourage hygiene behaviour (West Sumatra)- HeartIndo
(5) Proper handwashing demo (West Sumatra) – Heartindo